Cerim spa

Founded in Vigevano in 1955Cerim boasts 50 years experience in the production of footwear machinery.

During this extended period of production activity, the company has specialized in the workmanship of footwear bottoms, and more specifically in the pulling over and lasting phase in all of its essentials, as well as automatic roughing and automatic cementing, both for the shoe and sole.
All of this has been made possible through constant research and continuous innovation; a business organization with sales agents and technical assistance around the world, in any country with a footwear industry.

In fact Cerim manufactures about 20 models of machinery, from the simplest to the entirely computerized, including the possibility of numerous modifications capable of satisfying the most diverse production requirements.

Cerim's experience in the footwear sector and the reliability of its machinery have awarded it global recognition and the appreciation of its customers.

CERIM celebrates over 60 years of history

 through its leading product the K78
Cerim company, founded in Vigevano in 1955, boasts over 60 years of experience in the production of machinery for the footwear industry. This allows to propose today approximately twenty different machines, with the possibility of different configurations available to match up any shoes processing requirements .
From the lasting to the bottom working process. Cerim offers customized configurations thanks to the versatility of the machines, and, in views of the needs and trends of recent years, ad hoc solutions for the production of SNEAKER on (for both "cemented" and "strobel" ). .
The Queen of CERIM machines is the K78, designed in 1977, which counts thousands of units sold all over the world and still operating today. It is the most requested and imitated used model. Over the years, the historic K78 has been modified and improved in several versions such as K78SZ, K78E, K78TP.
With the K58 model history was made contributing to success of CERIM.
The new versions of the historic K78 today include several updates, such as the latest "master & slave" technology and calibrator, as well as the universal injector for the X78 model, and tracers system for the K078 model.
Both new models are perfect for all shoe makers are looking for more efficient systems to control the quality of the final product or to be integrated into INDUSTRIA 4.0 manufacuring system .
All Cerim products, with constant innovation at the cutting edge of technology, are designed to meet the FUTURE FACTORY needs.